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Lisette - Lace Collection

Lisette - Lace Collection

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Addictive sports halter top. Very comfy and simple but perfectly developed and shaped cut keeps your shoulders uncovered, which is appreciated especially by pole dancers, who need maximum grip in shoulder area. The chest bend is wider, which ensures this sports bra will stay where it is supposed to stay in any movement. Inspired and named after Lisette Krol (Doubles Wolrld Pole Sports Champion) who was the very first person testing it and wearing it. Thank you, Lisette! Same as all Dragonfly sports bras is also Lisette halter top double fronted. The neck fastening is made with 3 small metal studs and 100% reliable.


If you cannot decide which size of this top and you want to feel comfortable, go for a size up.


Material: 80% - Polyamide, 20% - Lycra


Made in Italy