About Us

Dragonfly clothes are made of top quality micro-polyamide fabric with a “peach-fuzz” finish on the inside. It is extremely soft, supple and pleasing to the touch (80% Polyamide, 20% Elastan). Our material is very soft and thin, at the same time very firm and solid to prevent being able to see through. While you're practicing, it's designed to not limit you in movement and not be too loose. When it gets wet, you don’t feel cold and it dries very quickly. Even after everyday washing, Dragonfly Brand clothes keep the same shape and color. 

Dragonfly Brand Products

Our goal was to create a stylish line of premium quality Bikram hot yoga, pole dance and fitness clothing for a reasonable price. Clothing that wouldn’t be just fashionable but also perfect in design and function. During the development, we focus on the functionality that allows you the ultimate freedom in movement. Our designs are continuously tested in classes during the development. The construction of the cut is highly developed, the clothing doesn’t have any unnecessary seams and it is created to correspond with the sweatiest workouts. We chose high quality materials that can satisfy extreme requirements considering to intensive sweating and frequent washing. Even under these conditions, our clothes will retain the original flexibility, shape and color for a long time.