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Upcoming Competitions: Dragonfly Brand USA Supports

Sometimes we aren't available to be present at every competition, but that doesn't mean we don't support them. Dragonfly Brand's policy is to be present and support wherever we can. Here are some of the events we have coming up that you should definitely check out: 

April 28th & 29th - sponsorship - Florida Pole Fitness Championship

June 1st-4th - vendor booth - International Pole Convention

June 10th - vendor booth- Pole Pressure in Downtown DC

July 7th-9th - sponsorship - North American Pole Fitness Championship & Convention

July 15th, - sponsorship - Women's Health & Fitness Expo DC

June 17th & 18th - vendor booth - Liberty Pole Championship

August 12th & 13th - vendor booth - Titans of Pole Championships

August 24th-28th - vendor booth - DC Bachata Festival

September 6th-10th - vendor booth - Pole Expo

November 18th & 19th - vendor booth - Northeast Pole Championship

If you have an event coming up, that we should be present at or support, please email info@dragonflybrandusa.com

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