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The Heather Grey Difference

Super excited for a new Dragonfly Brand color to debut, I was getting more and more excited as the images of the models in the pictures showing the new ‘Heather Grey’ color were unveiled. When the color debuted, I made sure to grab a pair of the leggings for myself.

 Putting them on, I noticed they feel a little different from the other Dragonfly Brand pieces I have. I couldn’t put my finger on it yet, what was so different? Then, it dawned on me.

This color doesn’t seem as thick of a fabric as the usual Dragonfly Brand fabric feels. They aren’t transparently thin ((cough cough)) like some brands I know. They still hold in my decency when I bend over.  

I wrote to Dragonfly Brand Corporate to verify the difference. They are thinner and more snug than my other leggings.

My theory was correct! The ‘Heather Grey’ fabric IS different. They also confirmed this is the only color that is different and all other colors will continue to be made with the original Dragonfly Brand feel.

Regardless, it didn’t make me any less excited to wear my new, awesome leggings.

I went to an event that afternoon, wearing my new leggings, two people immediately noticed my leggings. They told me they loved the color. They also were interested in them enough, they wanted to see the waistband, which was hidden under my shirt a bit. (Nothing like having to lift up your shirt in a public place just to have people want to touch your hips at the same time…) With a little less dignity at the event, I smiled and told the women where I got the leggings.

I ended up wearing the leggings two days in a row. I know!! Gross!! But, they looked and felt great!! We should wear what makes us look and feel great. That’s why I buy Dragonfly Brand. It works for me every time!!

Sure, I was a little skeptical of the initial feel of the fabric, but anyone who is a MEGA fan of Dragonfly Brand, like me, would notice the difference right away too. If anything, they should be the ones worried because fans, like me, end up re-wearing the same leggings one too many days in a row.  

Side thought: If you notice a tag in the clothing in the future, reminding people to wash their clothes before wearing again… you know who the guilty party is.

Also, Dragonfly Brand responded to me within the same 24 hour period I contacted them. Bonus points for them!!

I’ll continue raving about their apparel, the way it looks on people, the way it feels and so many people ask me where I got them. I’ll never give Dragonfly Brand a skeptical side eye again. They know what they’re doing.

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