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A Leotard Constructed With The Dancer In Mind

The new leotard is making ready to ship in the US distribution center. It feels like.... we are going to sell out lol. 

Just last night, I was with a dance instructor and asked her to try on the new Dragonfly leotard. She had never felt, seen, glanced, heard of, tasted (jk), Dragonfly before. 

Being a person of a lot of leotards and dance wear, she got excited to try on the vibrant red Dragonfly leotard. 

She was gone for a couple minutes in the bathroom trying it on and I was just hoping I guessed the right size for her while she was putting it on.

I heard my name called to come and look at it on her. 

The leotard fit Perrrrrfectly!!

With the Terri keyhole cut out on the chest, a beautiful open back design, and a very flattering cut around the booty, I knew this leotard was going to be a hit. I let her keep the leotard as long as she wears it in class. 

Shocked and pleased was the look she gave me and then a, what looked like a little bunny jumping around the bathroom movement ensued. 

The new leotard by Dragonfly is exactly what this world needs! I'm pretty sure it will bring world peace and cure AIDS....well, maybe not...but it will make you look fabulous and give you the confidence to perform on stage or lead a class. 

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