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10 Reasons Why Dragonfly Brand USA Will Succeed

One of the hidden treasures in pole fitness is the apparel. Fighting the stigma of looking half naked is something Pole Fitness does best. I don't mean we do it on accident, we do it very well on purpose. There are so many brands that have created apparel built for Pole that look sassy, classy and sleazy. It's almost like we have an underground world of style built for Pole Fitness. There are so many different designers, looks, fabrics and trends continuously warping the way people perceive the sport on youtube, instagram, snapchat and facebook. Some get blocked and scolded by social media for showing too much cheek, but wear the right Pole apparel, and you'll get nothing but applause. 

Dragonfly Brand has made its mark. 

Having worn many brands and continuously explored even the smallest brands, I keep coming back to that embroidered Dragonfly logo.

They have established roots in the US with a new shipping site on the east coast. This is a true testament to their demand. They have been shipping all over the world for the last 4 years, supported many Pole events and are doing quite well in Europe. Hoping for the same success in the States, why does the US Pole community need Dragonfly Brand? Here's what we know: 

1. Customer service: This is definitely a #1!! There is a quick response rate on emails, and you can instant chat almost 24 hours a day on the US site. If you are unsatisfied in the products at all or need to exchange the item(s), you can do so within 30 days of receiving. You can set up your own return on the site that will communicate directly with Dragonfly Brand USA to let them track your return. When you make a purchase, you will get continuous updates about tracking your items, when to expect them and when any 'made to order' items will arrive.  

2. Quality: Having met the designers of Dragonfly Brand, their 'Quality' is their main concern. They will not sacrifice any design, colors, or anything flashy if it will diminish the quality of the fabric. They know the fabric is why people are so satisfied with Dragonfly Brand and they don't plan to chance your relationship by trying to look like every other Pole brand. 

3. Shipping locally: Oh, yes!!! No more international shipping rates for anyone in the US.

4. They believe in the Pole community: They will support nearly every Pole event in some way. Whether it'd be product donation, sponsorship or vendor booth, Dragonfly Brand is not saying 'No!' to the small or largest of Pole events. 

5. They are just cool people!: Did you know that Dragonfly Brand was started with a concept of Bikram Yoga or hot yoga? A young, (and very beautiful) entrepreneur wanted to provide clothing to her Bikram Yoga audience in the Czech Republic. The brand eventually grew into something she, and her husband, is now doing full time. They travel the world on the regular, are very relateable and super hip. Between a family ski home, trips to Prague and all of the European Pole events, these two are rarely home. 

6. Color, color and more color!: The designers do not shy away from the variety of color in their variants. There is a minimum of 8 solid colors options to choose from in their designs. There are also so many awesome color combinations and my personal favorite is the azure/grey mix. 

7. Limited Edition: That's right big spenders!! Want to look super fly in some limited edition?! Dragonfly Brand is one of the few brands that actually puts out products titled 'Limited Edition' but it is actually made in a limited batch. You have to get these items first or you might not get them at all. 

8. Wholesale: An awesome deal for studio or gym owners, this is the way to keep your apparel audience happy. Dragonfly Brand requires a 30 piece minimum purchase in order to qualify for the wholesale discount. I asked them, "Why 30 pieces?" Their answer was a very logical one. They explained the sales amongst studios that purchased 30 or more pieces sold faster and returned for more apparel faster than those that purchased less. They tested this theory out in their 4 years. (Don't fix it if it ain't broke, wholesalers. It pays more to have 30 pieces bought from Dragonfly Brand.)

9. International Ambassadors: Basically, all of the fabulous Pole Stars are wearing Dragonfly Brand or have worn Dragonfly Brand. I haven't came across one Pole Star that hasn't tried it or isn't already one of their ambassadors. Some of the fabulous folks I'm talking about are Pheonix Kazree, Natasha Wang, Jamilla Deville and Lisette Krol.

10. Originality: You'll never own anything like it! The fabric is what makes Dragonfly Brand extra special. It is a quick-dry fabric, odor reducing, antibacterial and color retaining....and...wait for it... the prices are completely affordable! When I saw their prices and felt their fabric, I was bewildered. Why haven't I tried this Pole wear sooner?! 

The US Pole community needs Dragonfly Brand USA. The impossible is that it won't succeed. I suggest you try out the new site. It's sleek, fabulous, professional and a true representation of the quality that will soon come to your mailbox. 

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